Sibel Horhor


MBA from the University of Phoenix
BA from the University of Istanbul in Economics

Sibel is very skilled at compiled financial statements, payroll and employment taxes, sales tax, and has worked on Individual IRS audits.
Sibel is fluent in three languages including Armenian, Turkish and English.
Sibel has been in the field of accounting since 2001 and here at G&A since 2007.

Traveling and sightseeing
Teaching Armenian
Surfing - (not in the ocean - on websites)

Favorite Quotation
"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." - Lao-tzu

Staff Bios

Why I Enjoy Working Here
When I completed my MBA, I was determined to have a position where I can be exposed to a large variety of accounting issues. Even before finishing my hiring interview with Eva, I knew that this was the position I was looking for. Since then, I have enjoyed every day I’ve spent in the office. I enjoy facing challenges, deadlines and ‘mission impossibles.’ That adrenaline rush in my veins and the "OMG" moments feel great. Even if I fall short in any task, the supporting help from the team I work with will lead me to find the best solution for every situation. I love communicating with our clients, taking part in their decision process and contributing to their success. Having access to the most leading accounting programs, databases, and digital libraries gives me peace of mind in this fast changing profession. We have the most updated hi-tech tools available at our fingertips. I have been able to achieve with certainty, my professional identity. The office is comfortable and we are all a close family. I admire the decency and ambiance of my surroundings. Moreover, I love the smell and taste of the coffee in our office. How can anybody survive without it?