Susy Karsana

Senior Accountant, Jr. Manager

B.S. in Economics from Parahyangan Catholic University in Indonesia
    - currently working toward her CPA license

International travel
Reading suspense novels
Movies & plays

Favorite Quotation
"I believe that if you show people the problems and you show them the solutions they will be moved to act." - Bill Gates

Staff Bios

Why I Enjoy Working Here
I have worked in accounting for 23 years. Prior to coming to work for the firm in 2006, I was employed as an accountant with another company. I would often go for walks around my neighborhood and I would always pass the Garibian & Associates office. It is a beautiful office and I would always think, "This looks like it would be a nice place to work." One day I decided to drop off my resume, thinking the firm might be looking to hire. That was the best thing I did, because I was interviewed and hired shortly thereafter and am currently in my 5th year of employment here. I enjoy working here for several reasons, but most importantly because I am always learning new things. Everyone knows that knowledge is the key to success! There are always new challenges and never a dull moment. The work environment is friendly and I truly enjoy providing our clients with outstanding services.